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    Wiper Yard is designed for all those people who needs to manage great surfaces such as parks, golf courses or football fields, reducing the grass maintenance costs.Thanks to its last generation technology and mechanical features, Yard is one of the most reliable robot in the market able to manage big surfaces up to 30.000 sm. Yard robots are equipped with Can Bus technology which allows the machine to make an auto-check grouping together all data and encoding them in CAN (Controller Area Network) language. The data are then sent to the electronic control unit by a BUS communication channel. One of the advantages of the CAN BUS is sending information to the control unit from all robot electronic devices using just one cable and in real time. Furthermore the control unit manages the energy supply from the battery to the single devices and cutting unit allowing an efficient power needs control. This is a qualified system already tested and used in the automotive industry and it contributes to make Yard one of the most reliable and technological robot in the lawn mowers market.
    Wiper Professional Series
    Autonomy Yard
    • app connect yard
      The “S” models are also equipped with the “Connect” system, which allows you to interact fully with your robot via the Wiper App (free). Thanks to the App, you can also monitor the movements of your robot and geolocate it, if necessary.
    • gps yard
      The 101 satellite control system, put in as standard on models Yard 201 and 301, increases the cut precision and it drastically reduces the time of job as the robot is able to move autonomously remembering the areas already cut.
    • speed control yard
      It is possible to set the robot speed up according to the garden feautures: slow, medium, fast.


    Blade speed reduction system in case of mown grass to save energy consumption.

    To recognize the mown grass and decrease working hours.

    Standard equipment which can be also disabled according to user needs.

    Yard spiral turning system in case of thick or higher grass.

    In case of emergency, the safety double button guarantees the immediate stop of the robot to protect external bodies as hands, feet and small objects from the contact with the cutting blades.

    Sottoscocca Yard

    YARD 101S

    (Random + spiral + cable)
    It works with a random function inside of the installed perimeter cable. When it meets any obstacles, it changes direction and it goes on a new trajectory, offering a complete lawn cut. Thanks to the GPS system the robot come back to the docking station tra- velling by the shorter route. It is also provided with the intelligent spyral function for the higher grass and the mowed grass de- tection to recognize the areas where lawn has already been cut.

    YARD 201S

    (with cable)
    Inside the area delimited by the perimeter cable the robot is able to divide the lawn to cut in macro areas optimizing and increasing in this way its cutting ability. After a cycle of recharge, thanks to the integrated GPS, the robot is able to recognize the already cut area and pass to the next one following a pre-arranged itinerary. Besides the robot has the ability to map and memorize the ob- stacles decreasing the speed as it approach them.

    YARD 301

    Referential GPS
    The GPS referential system allows the robot to cover larger areas without the perimeter cable. It can move autonomously, remembering the areas that have already been cut, with excel- lent results in shorter time and with a centimeter-level cutting accuracy.
    Yard 101
    Yard 201
    Yard 301

    Wiper Professional Areas
    Yard Calcio


    The Best For Football Fields.
    Wiper Professional Calcio


    This technology uses a device to change the way robots are managed in the garden. Through the My Wiper App, it is possible to configure and monitor the Wiper Robot work program to manage or isolate specific areas of the garden (Geofence – Go away), and locate the robot or check its status (Geolocation – Alarm).

    control app yard

    50% saving on
    field maintenance.

    Robot’s use enables Football Teams to cut down costs linked to the football fields maintenances. Amount saved is different depending on circumstances, but in general it is very closed to the 50%.
    Saving is due to the fact that some costs, generally costs for treatments, are completely deleted and others reduced. Electrical working allows a diesel saving from euro 1.000,00 to 1.500,00 per field per year, a part of all the benefits for the surrounding. Also maintenance costs can be cut down thanks to the robot working.
    Main saving points are:

    • Energy use;
    • Absence of grass to clear, to pick up or to treat;
    • Saving of time, transport and fuel, because not more necessary to move a mower from a field to another;
    • Cutting of costs linked to: scarification, irrigation, fertilizer, treatments to kill infested grasses.

    Grass growth in amateur and public football fields is around 40 mm per week, but it can reach 80 mm in professional football fields. This growth doesn’t make any problems to Yard system, thanks to the mulching cutting which enables a better quality of football fields maintenance. Yard allows an uniform play surface for the pleasure of all football players, whatever is its own preparation.
    This short grass cut doesn’t make negative consequences to the field which seems nicer and in good health. Infested grasses don’t like a regular lawn, therefore they seems disappear from this inhospitable ambience which doesn’t facilitate their own growth.
    Field is ready to host players thanks to his great conditions. Traditional mulching cuts longer blades because made by a standard mower two or three times per week. Remaining grass is too much voluminous and it can’t be easily assimilated, changing into natural fertilizer. In case that it is not picked up, it rots creating some slicking zones dangerous for the players. Infested grasses, moss and mushrooms growth is normally in these zones.

    YARD cutting system together with permanent mulching bring some considerable advantages.
    Natural fertilizer, due to the blades mincing delicately, allows the growth of horizontal roots making a thick and stronger lawn. This stronger lawn has an higher resistance to the moving game creating by players and maintenance is lowered.
    Sharpen Yard blades guarantee a regular cutting which enables the grass growing.
    Lawn is nicer and thicker, a perfect game area.

    For Players

    Players like game area cut by
    automatic WIPER YARD lawnmower.

    Thanks to the vertical and horizontal roots growing, grass lawn is stronger and better resisting to the impacts. Game area gets in perfect conditions, avoiding lawn uprooting. Gradually, stimulated areas, i.e in front of the doors, are becoming covered by a rich and natural lawn better resisting to the cut. The well-finished lawn is uniform, making better the ball trajectory, the kick precision and game sensations.

    Permanent mulching avoids stockpile of material on the ground which can create some slicking dangerous zones. The beauty of the lawn increased because there are few infested grasses. Lawn looks like the perfect field, free from external attacks and deteriorations.

    WIPER YARD. The Future
    of football fields maintenance.

    • Ecological solution.
    • Silent mower.
    • Grass residual.
    • Grass disposal.

    • Uncompact the ground.
    • Annoying for moles.
    • Night time cutting.
    • 30% less of irrigation need
    Wiper Yard

    An easygoing robot for
    every football field configuration

    Wiper Yard has been studied to cut professional football fields facilitating grass growth.
    Moreover, the robot is able to cut consecutive football fields thanks to set up configuration and working time
    field configuration

    Wiper Yard

    Ideal for the maintenance of football fields surrounded by an athletics track. It moves only on the football field, without using a passage that crosses the track. In this way you avoid any risk of damaging the track with a heavy machine.

    serie P

    serie P

    Green Efficiency

    Since it was released, the P series has dominated the world of robots due to its high coverage capacity and handling of large areas. It features reliable mechanics, ability to adapt to any surface and a run time that is unique on the market. The new P has now been reviewed and updated. It has new electronics, mechanics that are even more reliable and quieter, latest generation navigation systems and a touch screen display for easy and intuitive interaction. Remote App for full robot management. Optimisation of the batteries provided, which together with the GPS navigation system, offer even higher coverage, but in less time. All of this makes it unique in a market where only a few dare to enter.
    serie P en
    serie P en

    Wiper Yard

    Wiper Yard guarantees a perfect, inexpensive and environmentally friendly cut. It reduces the usual treatments considerably, thus helping to reduce the overall cost of maintaining the football fields.
    The continuous cut tends to reduce the development of weeds, clovers and mosses.
    No resulting material to be collected, transported and treated.
    Chemical fertilizers
    Chemical fertilizers
    The constant mulching fertilizes the turf in a natural way and reduces the need to use chemical fertilizers.
    The densest turf retains moisture better and reduces the need for irrigation.
    The constant work of Wiper Yard and the vibrations spread in the ground make the moles escape.
    Damage of the soil
    Damage of the soil
    Wiper Yard weighs 10 times less than a professional thermal mower and does not damage the turf even when wet.
    Coring and scarification
    Coring and scarification
    The soil is not compacted by the mower and the coring is superfluous like scarifying.
    Wiper Yard cuts the grass of one or two fields, which avoids transmitting diseases as in the case of use of the mower used for the maintenance of numerous fields.

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