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Wiper Yard is designed for all those people who needs to manage great surfaces such as parks, golf courses or football fields, reducing the grass maintenance costs.Thanks to its last generation technology and mechanical features, Yard is one of the most reliable robot in the market able to manage big surfaces up to 30.000 sm. Yard robots are equipped with Can Bus technology which allows the machine to make an auto-check grouping together all data and encoding them in CAN (Controller Area Network) language. The data are then sent to the electronic control unit by a BUS communication channel. One of the advantages of the CAN BUS is sending information to the control unit from all robot electronic devices using just one cable and in real time. Furthermore the control unit manages the energy supply from the battery to the single devices and cutting unit allowing an efficient power needs control. This is a qualified system already tested and used in the automotive industry and it contributes to make Yard one of the most reliable and technological robot in the lawn mowers market.
Autonomia Yard

User Friendly Programming: the robot could be programmed using the control panel placed on the back of the machine or via Bluetooth signal with the touch screen console.

The satellite control system, put in as standard on models Yard 201 and 301, increases the cut precision and it drastically reduces the time of job as the robot is able to move autonomously remembering the areas already cut.

It is possible to set the robot speed up according to the garden feautures: slow, medium, fast.
Il modello Yard è provvisto di tutte le funzioni della linea Wiper Premium

Blade speed reduction system in case of mown grass to save energy consumption.

To recognize the mown grass and decrease working hours.

Standard equipment which can be also disabled according to user needs.

Yard spiral turning system in case of thick or higher grass.

In case of emergency, the safety double button guarantees the immediate stop of the robot to protect external bodies as hands, feet and small objects from the contact with the cutting blades.
Particolari tecnici Yard

YARD 101

(Random + spiral + cable) GPS Basic
In base al principio di funzionamento random, il robot, all'interno dell'area delimitata dal cavo perimetrale, quando rileva o incontra un ostacolo cambia traiettoria in modo casuale e riparte nella nuova direzione, riuscendo così ad effettuare la rasatura completa del prato. Inoltre grazie al modulo GPS il robot rientra alla base di ricarica utilizzando il tragitto più breve. Riconosce la presenza di erba più alta e/o più folta in una zona del giardino ed azionare automaticamente, se lo ritiene necessario, il movimento a spirale per una perfetta rifinitura di taglio del prato

YARD 201

GPS (with cable)
All'interno dell'area delimitata dal cavo perimetrale, il robot è in grado di dividere la zona da tagliare in macro aree, ottimizzando ed aumentando così la sua capacità di taglio. Dopo aver effettuato un ciclo di ricarica, grazie al GPS integrato, il robot è in grado di riconoscere l'area già rasata e di passare alla successiva, partendo però dal lavoro precedente e seguendo un percorso prestabilito. Inoltre il robot è in grado di mappare e memorizzare gli ostacoli permettendo un contatto con gli stessi a bassa velocità.

YARD 301

Referential GPS
The GPS referential system allows the robot to cover larger areas without the perimeter cable. It can move autonomously, remembering the areas that have already been cut, with excellent results in shorter time and with a centimeter-level cutting accuracy.
Area prato



Savings 50%
on field maintenance

The use of the robot allows football companies to reduce the maintenance costs of their rugs. Saved figures vary depending on the circumstances but systematically approaches 50%. Savings are due to the fact that certain costs normally incurred for the treatment are completely eliminated and others are minimized. Electricity, in addition to the benefits to the environment, saves you from 1.000,00 to 1.500,00 euros of fuel per year per field, while using the robot you save hundreds of hours of labor. The main savings items concern:
  • Energy Consumption;
  • Absence of resulting material to be collected, disposed of and treated;
  • Save time, transportation and fuel, since it is no longer necessary to transport a lawn mower from one field to another.
  • Suppression / Reduction of Related Costs: Scarification, Scrubbing, Irrigation, Chemical Fertilizers, Extraction, Treatment to Eliminate Weeds.
Costant Mulching
Growing grass in amateur and communal fields is typically 40mm per week and can reach 80mm in professional fields. This growth creates no problem for the YARD system that thanks to the mulching cut revolutionizes the maintenance of the soccer fields. YARD serves to achieve a perfectly uniform gaming surface, for the pleasure of all players, whatever their level. The constant mulching is produced by the YARD system, covering the entire turf 5 times a week, and cutting only the top of the grass. Cut threads are only a few millimeters long and penetrate into the ground, fertilizing 100% naturally; The same wires also make shadows the roots and reduce the need for irrigation by 30%. This short and sharp cut does not give any stress to the lawn that is visibly nicer and healthier. Pure weeds do not like regular and continuous cuts, so they tend to disappear from this hostile environment to their development. The lawn is ready to welcome the players in the best conditions of play. The traditional product mulching, with one or two weekly cuts, with a classic lawn mower, cuts several centimeters long grass roots. This resulting material is too bulky and can not decompose rapidly and become a natural fertilizer. If it is not harvested and disposed of, it roams in place and creates slippery and dangerous areas for players; In these areas the growth of weeds, mosses and fungi is stimulated.
Unmatched quality
The exclusive cut-off technique of the YARD system, combined with constant mulching, has remarkable advantages. Natural fertilization, due to finely chopped grass wires, favors the development of horizontal roots that make the meadow more dense than grassy filaments and make it more resistant to eradication. Vertical and horizontal engraftment is also favored. This heavily grunted mantle resists much better to the shots and the shoe shoe pads and less and less the lawn is needed. YARD sharp blades ensure a smooth and smooth cut, which promotes lawn growth. The lawn is visibly nicer, thicker and becomes an ideal game area.
Yard Front


For footballers

Footballers prefer playing areas
Curated by the robotic system WIPER YARD


Thanks to the development of roots both vertically and horizontally, the turf will be better and more resistant to impact. The playing area remains in perfect condition without eradicating the turf. Progressively, the most stressed areas, for example in front of the doors, are covered with a rich and natural turf that better resist cutting. The Wiper Yard's rugged rug is more flexible and homogeneous, which improves the ball's trajectory, the accuracy of shots and game sensations.


Constant mulching avoids accumulation and shrinkage of the resulting material that forms slippery areas that can cause falls and injuries. Less weeds are grown and this increases lawn stability. The turf looks more like an ideal lawn, free of external aggression and deterioration


The future for the maintenance of soccer fields.

  • Ecological Solution.
  • Silent Machinery.
  • No material is found.
  • No grass disposal.
  • It does not compact the ground.
  • It bothers the moles.
  • Also cut in night time.
  • Reduces irrigation requirements by 30%.
  • Possibility of cutting newly completed adverse weather events.
  • Weight: 43 kg.
Wiper Yard

Adaptable to any configuration.

The Robotic Wiper yard system is designed to perfectly cut the lawn of professional soccer fields and favor the growth of turf, it can also guarantee the cutting of two or more adjoining football fields with programmed zone function, according to the time slots Use the fields.
Configurazione campi calcio

Wiper Yard

Ideal for maintenance of soccer fields surrounded by a light athletic track. It only moves on the soccer field, without using a passage that crosses the track. This avoids any risk of damage to the track with a heavy machine.

Wiper Yard

Wiper Yard guarantees a perfect, low-cost and environmentally friendly cut. It greatly reduces the usual treatments, thus helping to reduce the overall cost of maintenance of football pitches.
Ingredient Herbs
Ingredient Herbs
Continuous cutting tends to reduce the development of weeds, clovers and mosses.
No material is found To collect, to carry And treat.
Chemical concimi
Chemical concimi
Constant mulching fertilizes the turf naturally and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.
The densest turf carries better moisture and reduces the need for irrigation.
Wiper Yard's constant work and vibrations spread to the ground make mules run away.
Soil Damage
Soil Damage
Wiper Yard Weighs 10 times less than a professional thermal cutter and does not damage the turf though damp.
Carotation and Scarification
Carotation and Scarification
IThe soil is not compacted by the lawn mower and the carotatura is superfluous as the scarification.
Wiper Yard It cuts the grass of one or two fields, which avoids transmitting diseases such as the use of the lawn mower used for maintenance of many fields.

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